How to Root HTC Desire with Tiny Core

htc-desireHTC Desire root is now available for download which gives you full file (root) access on your Android 2.1.

Paul from Modaco forums has also posted some details on the limitations of this root and has also posted instructions and requirements to perform this on your HTC Desire.

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HTC Desire Rooted on Android 2.1

by on April 1, 2010
in Android

htc-desireYep, you read it right. HTC Desire has been rooted with HTC Sense running on Android 2.1. Paul from Modaco forums has managed to get full root user access on the device making sure you get to play with whatever files you want in the phone.

This is not first time he has rooted Android phones. Paul is widely known for his work in rooting Android devices like the HTC Hero and the Nexus One.

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