Customize Google Navbar in White or Any Colour

Google introduced the new dark Google bar with the announcement of their new social network, Google+. Several design changes were also introduced to all of the Google services and websites.

Many people welcomed the new Google bar and liked the darker look at the top, but many didn’t and wanted to revert back to the classic Google bar at the top, the white colour one.

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Get Old Facebook Photo Viewer in Firefox, Chrome

by on February 21, 2011
in Facebook, Tips and Tricks

I just wrote on how to get the old Facebook photo viewer back, but that was not a permanent solution to fix it. You would have to do it every time you open a new photo album.

Like I mentioned, it wouldn’t take long for a developer to come out with an add-on or script for Greasemonkey that fixes this – permanently for now. A little Googling helped me find the perfect, permanent solution.

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Remove Google Groups Ads

by on December 1, 2009
in Firefox

google-groupsThis Greasemonkey script that I’ve found could be useful for those who use Google Groups a lot, but find all those Google ads on it annoying.

Google Groups Ads Remover is a free Greasemoneky script that takes off ads from the pages Google Groups which some people find annoying while going through the different groups.

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Add Lyrics Box in YouTube Video Pages

by on October 28, 2009
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

youtube-logoHow many of you visit YouTube daily just to download music videos? I’m sure 50% of YouTube visitors visit it just for music videos. No wonder, they have the highest number of views on a video.

On a video page, you can now add a lyrics box below the description box using a Greasemonkey script.

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How To Remove Explore In Google Reader

by on October 25, 2009
in Google, Tips and Tricks

Google Reader is the best online feed reader with lots of features that one would need in managing and reading feeds.

Today they introduced a new feature/label in Google Reader that show you the popular feeds and recommends you to read them.

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How to Hide Highlights in Facebook Sidebar

by on October 23, 2009
in Facebook, Tips and Tricks

A while ago, Facebook introduced a section of Highlights in its right sidebar which shows the most commented photos, coming events, notes and what others are doing.

Highlights section got a neutral response from everyone. Some liked it, but others found it as an addition to the ever growing clutter on the Facebook homepage.

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Install Greasemonkey Scripts in Mac OS X

by on October 21, 2009
in Browsers, Tips and Tricks

greasekit-logoJust a few days ago, I wrote how you can use Greasemonkey scripts on Google Chrome using a third party small tool. In the same way, I’ve found a small app to run Greasemonkey scripts on Safari in Mac OS X.

GreaseKit is a SIMBL  plugin, userscript runtime that adds user scripting to Safari, Mailplane, Diet  and all WebKit applications.

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How to Multi-Login in Google Account

by on October 20, 2009
in Google, Tips and Tricks

Recently, I shared a Greasemonkey script to multi-login on Orkut and here’s another script I’m sharing today that let’s you multi-login Gmail and Google Account.

Switching accounts when using Google services would have never been this easy, thanks to this Greasemonkey script.

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How to Show Age in Facebook Profile

by on October 18, 2009
in Facebook, Tips and Tricks

How many of you are bad at Maths? Okay, let’s take it this way. How many of you find it difficult to calculate age of someone whose date of birth you know?

Well, in Facebook, the profile page only shows a person’s date of birth (only if the user has allowed others to see). it doesn’t show you their age and yes, (for those who’re week in calculating) you have to calculate their age yourself, if you ever need to.

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