HOW TO: Google+ Fixed Google Bar While Scrolling

Google introduced the new dark Google navigation bar at the top of all the Google services, and it turns into your quick update and access to notifications for Google+ after signing up for it.

When you scroll down to look for more updates in Google+, sometimes you go so down and when you have to scroll up just to access the Google bar, it gets annoying. You can now fix the Google navigation bar at the top of the screen as you scroll down as much as you want.

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Get Google+ App Shortcut in Chrome to Access Quickly

Google+ is the next big thing trying to take over the social network game on the Internet. Google+ revolves around circles (friend lists), hangouts (groups) and sparks (interesting stuff). A very neat and clean interface. I’m already in love with it.

We’ve been sharing various Google+ tips and tricks since morning, and here is another one. You can get a big Chrome app shortcut link for Google+ to quickly access it from Google Chrome.

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Disable Photo Tagging in Google+ by People You Don’t Know

This is something we’ve been trying to get rid off since Facebook. Random, anonymous or mostly unwanted friends tag you in photos where you really don’t want to be tagged.

Google+ sorts out this issue with a very neat option in privacy settings and all thanks goes to circles in Google+.

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How to Use Rich-Text Formatting Features in Google+

It has been a very busy day with new features being uncovered in Google+. After tons of other Google+ tricks, we now have something for those who like to highlight and format their text while updating status.

This trick is very simple and works in the same way as in Google Talk. The list to bold, underline and italicize your text is given below.

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How to Hide Friends in Google+ Circles

Google+ has some pretty decent privacy options for users to set how and what part of their profile should be visible to others. Just like how you can hide friends list on Facebook, you can do the same on Google Plus as well.

Hiding your Google+ circles from general public will stop stalkers from creeping on your profile, just in search for new contacts to add to their Google+ circles. Continue reading below to know how to hide your circles.

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Edit Google+ Privacy Settings for Profile Visibility

One of the strongest points that Facebook has over Google Plus at the moment are the privacy settings and controls it offers its users. Google+ has a decent Privacy dashboard to tweak and set what  part of content you want to show to which Google+ circle, but again, it took years for Facebook to get this (kinda) right and Google+ will take time too.

You can go through the privacy options and set what part of your profile is to be visible to what people. You can completely hide everything, or set as you want. How to do that? Read below.

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How to Get Google+ SMS Notifications

by on July 2, 2011
in Personal

Google is slowly bringing all the Facebook features and experience right on Google+. Apart from the usual notifications in Google Bar, email notifications and mobile push notifications – you can also get SMS notifications on your phone!

These SMS notifications are not enabled by default. Just like Facebook SMS notifications, you will have to add your phone number so that Google could send you Google+ notifications.

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Free Google+ Themes for Download

Google+ is the latest attempt by Google to get into the game of social networks. Google+ revolves around circles (friend lists), hangouts (groups) and sparks (interesting stuff). A very neat and clean interface. I’m already in love with it.

A few users have already been tweaking with CSS and trying to make Google+ even better with their own custom designs and Google Plus themes that you can also use for changing your Google+ theme interface. Download free Google+ themes from below!

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Turn Google+ into Facebook with Google Plus Theme

Google+ launched a few days back, and since then everyone has been comparing the new social network with Facebook. Well, of course, now there are some Google+ fans, and some still like Facebook and might don’t want to move away from there.

But for those, who love both ,and would love to see Facebook-ish interface on Google+ (Plus), we’ll here is an amazing theme for you to enjoy for Google+. Screenshot above.

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