Free Google+ Themes for Download

Google+ is the latest attempt by Google to get into the game of social networks. Google+ revolves around circles (friend lists), hangouts (groups) and sparks (interesting stuff). A very neat and clean interface. I’m already in love with it.

A few users have already been tweaking with CSS and trying to make Google+ even better with their own custom designs and Google Plus themes that you can also use for changing your Google+ theme interface. Download free Google+ themes from below!

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Turn Google+ into Facebook with Google Plus Theme

Google+ launched a few days back, and since then everyone has been comparing the new social network with Facebook. Well, of course, now there are some Google+ fans, and some still like Facebook and might don’t want to move away from there.

But for those, who love both ,and would love to see Facebook-ish interface on Google+ (Plus), we’ll here is an amazing theme for you to enjoy for Google+. Screenshot above.

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