6 Simple Steps To Configure Privacy on Google+

by on July 26, 2011
in Google, Tips and Tricks

A Guide to Taming Privacy Concerns Around Google+ – ZoneAlarm Blog has put together an interesting 6-step guide for new people joining Google+ and how they can protect their privacy on a social network that claims to have way more privacy controls than Facebook, yet you can’t have private profiles.

Google+ now has 20 million users worldwide in just 2-3 weeks after it’s launch in their invite-only field test. And as it grows, the concern for privacy and keeping yourself protected from cyber-criminals also increase.

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How to Hide Friends in Google+ Circles

Google+ has some pretty decent privacy options for users to set how and what part of their profile should be visible to others. Just like how you can hide friends list on Facebook, you can do the same on Google Plus as well.

Hiding your Google+ circles from general public will stop stalkers from creeping on your profile, just in search for new contacts to add to their Google+ circles. Continue reading below to know how to hide your circles.

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Edit Google+ Privacy Settings for Profile Visibility

One of the strongest points that Facebook has over Google Plus at the moment are the privacy settings and controls it offers its users. Google+ has a decent Privacy dashboard to tweak and set what  part of content you want to show to which Google+ circle, but again, it took years for Facebook to get this (kinda) right and Google+ will take time too.

You can go through the privacy options and set what part of your profile is to be visible to what people. You can completely hide everything, or set as you want. How to do that? Read below.

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