Check Where Google Recorded Android Phone Location

by on April 24, 2011
in Android, Mobile Apps

You probably heard how Apple records and tracks your location through the iPhone, the same is the case with Google tracking your location with Android phone and devices. But ofcourse, Google does that with permission.

Google asks for permission on tracking your location anonymously in the beginning when setting up your your new Android phone or after a full reset. Android records your location and sends it back to Google; caches the position on your Android device.

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Google Maps 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Tab

by on January 4, 2011
in Android, Gadgets

Google Maps 5.0 was released last month for all the Android devices and one the major new feature added was the 3D vector graphics.

This new Google Maps 5.0 was demonstrated on a tablet for the first time by Andy Rubin on the Motorola prototype running Honeycomb at D: Dive Into Mobile – but no other tablets enjoyed Google Maps 5.0 on a big screen.

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Google Maps 5.0 Available in Android Market, Download Now!

by on December 17, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

Google Maps 5.0 has just been released to the Android Market and is now available for download – and yes, that includes all the 3D maps sweetness!

The new Google Maps 5.0 was demonstrated by Andy Rubin at an interview at D: Dive Into Mobile.

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Google Maps 4.1 Android Updated: Latitude Widget, Maps Live Wallpaper, New Search

by on March 18, 2010
in Android, Google, Personal

google-maps-4.1-2Google Maps for Android has bee updated today with some cool new features which are not found on any other device running Google Maps.

The new version on Android 1.6+ devices, Google Maps 4.1, brings in updated search results page where you can swipe for the next result, Maps live wallpaper and a lot more.

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How to Enable Google Maps Navigation Outside USA

by on January 10, 2010
in Android, Tips and Tricks

google-maps-navigation-thumbGoogle Maps Navigation was announced and unveiled back in October which is Google’s very own navigation app for Android devices. It is currently available for the USA only, but a slight hack can enable it for countries other than USA too.

This trick will get you a modified version of Google Maps Navigation which will work in all countries, but it will be with some reduced functionality.

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Google Maps Navigation on Android 2.0

by on October 29, 2009
in Android, Google

google-maps-navigation-thumbThe only thing that lacked in Google was a proper navigation app, otherwise it had everything  needed for a perfect navigation app.

Google Maps Navigation (Beta) has just been announced today for Android 2.0 devices.

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Panoramio: Organize Photos by Geo-Tagging

Are you fond of visiting places and have passion of capturing moments in photographs? If yes, then this site is just for you!

Panoramio service by Google allows you to organize your photos by tagging them. Its most powerful feature is geo-tagging or location marking. When you upload your photo after entering the title and selecting the respective tags you can additionally specify location of the photo taken on Google Maps.

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