Google Earth for Android Released

by on February 22, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

google-earth-logoGoogle Earth for Android is now available for download in the Android Market. I just logged in the Android Market on my Nexus One to check out some new apps and saw the Google Earth app which just released a few minutes ago.

I’m downloading it right now on my phone. Will update more about the app and how it works later.

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Google Earth for Android

by on January 6, 2010
in Android, Google

google-earth-logoThe Android Press Conference event is up live where the Nexus One has just been announced and revealed officially (we’ll get to that later). is is not all, there are other things up their sleeves too.

Yes, they just announced Google Earth for Android! The desktop Google app for exploring the Earth will soon be available on the Android Market and will come on the Nexus One by stock.

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Google Earth 5.0 with Ocean

by on February 3, 2009
in Google, Softwares

google-earth-logoGoogle just announced the launch of Google Earth 5.0, with a new feature “Ocean” in it that enables users of Google Earth to dive beneath the water surface and explore the 3D underwater terrain, or browse lots of ocean-related content contributed by researchers.

This is not all. Google Earth now also comes with a new feature called Historical Imagery which lets you travel back in time and browse through the archival satellite. Google Earth 5.0 is one major update from Google and we all were expecting new features in it.

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Panoramio: Organize Photos by Geo-Tagging

Are you fond of visiting places and have passion of capturing moments in photographs? If yes, then this site is just for you!

Panoramio service by Google allows you to organize your photos by tagging them. Its most powerful feature is geo-tagging or location marking. When you upload your photo after entering the title and selecting the respective tags you can additionally specify location of the photo taken on Google Maps.

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Google Earth for iPhone

by on October 28, 2008
in Apple, iPhone

Google launched Google Earth back in 2005, and since then they have been working to make it available for Internet-enabled device. They want it to be carried easily in our pockets.

Today, they announced the release of Google Earth for iPhone and iPod Touch. With just a swipe of your finger you can fly from Peoria to Paris to Papua New Guinea, or anywhere in between with a collection of 8 million Panoramio photos.

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