Google Docs Android App, Now Available in Android Market

by on April 27, 2011
in Android, Mobile Apps

Google has just launched their official Google Docs Android app in the Android Market. You can now easily create, edit, upload and share your documents right from your Android phone with the Google Docs app.

Google Docs for Android app is now available for download from the Android Market. We have just downloaded the app and are playing with its features.

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Google Docs Notepad for Desktop

by on January 29, 2010
in Freewares, Google

nocs-google-docs-desktop-logoGoogle Docs for desktop is something all GDocs users have been really craving for. Atleast, we won’t have to open Google Docs website for making small changes to our documents.

How many of you use Google Docs for simple text documents? If you do, then this post will really help you from now on, thanks to Nocs.

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Gmail Email To Google Docs

by on December 17, 2008
in Google, Tips and Tricks

Gmail team seems to be all fired up these days and is constantly adding new features after every few days. Ofcourse none of these features are final and are in beta, but they can still be used from Gmail Labs.

This time they have added a new experimental feature which converts an email into a Google Docs document.

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Google Docs Gets Templates For Professional Presentations

by on July 18, 2008
in Google

Google Docs templates

Google Docs team seems to be quite busy these days with all the new features they are adding. The latest addition to Google Docs is the Themes Directory.

The only thing that Google Docs was missing to be called a complete online office suit were themes. They are used to create presentations and are considered to be an important feature in office suites.

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Google Docs: Upload & Share PDF Files

by on June 14, 2008
in General, Google, Internet, Tools, Web 2.0

Google has finally added the much-requested feature in Google Docs, PDF documents support. Just a few days ago, Google announced that soon users will be able to upload, read and share PDF documents in Google Docs, and lo! It’s here! But the bad part is, you can only upload, read and share PDF documents. I mean, editing PDF files is not yet supported by Google Docs, and is expected to be added later.

Google Docs

Uploading a PDF document is simple as cake (they don’t offer anything to eat, though!). Just go to the Google Docs homepage, and click Upload. The maximum size you can upload from your computer is 10MB and and from web URL is 2MB.

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