China Renewed Google’s Internet Content Provider (ICP) License

by on July 10, 2010
in Internet

google-new-logoThe Chinese government doesn’t like Google. This is why China’s internet is barred from everything which is Google. China is probably the only place on earth where Google is struggling to do well. Recently however, there was good news for Google that despite their grievances, the Chinese internet regulatory authority has renewed Google’s license (as an Internet Content Provider (ICP)) which will allow the search giant to continue its operation in China as a search engine.

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Google Redirects Chinese Traffic to Hong Kong, No Censorship

by on March 24, 2010
in Google

google-new-logoGoogle has announced that they will be redirecting all the traffic to its Hong Kong servers and will provide uncensored results to all the Chinese users.

Everyone accessing will be redirected to Google also mentioned that the services might be slow because of the traffic that is being sent to Hong Kong servers.

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Google to Close its China Operations Today

by on March 22, 2010
in Google

google-new-logoRumors has it that the search engine giant, Google, plans to close it operations in Chinae as early as today. Some people who are familiar with the situation revealed that Google will leave China by March 22.

The main issue started when few other large companies in the Internet, finance, technology, media and chemical sectors, were targeted in a cyber-attack earlier in January. The cyber-attack resulted in a theft of intellectual property. And from that time onwards, Google informed the Chinese government that they will not censor Chinese search engine results and are willing to close its operations in the country if no solution is found.

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