Send Free SMS from Gmail

by on December 13, 2008
in Google

Gmail seems to be on a roll with all the new features it has been introducing. Canned messages, Gmail for mobile, emoticons in emails and now a new feature that lets you send free SMS.

This new feature has been added to Gmail Labs that allows us to send and receive text messages and have conversations all from within Google Talk in Gmail.

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Video Audio Chat Now Available for Gmail

by on November 12, 2008
in Google

Google has finally rolled out a feature which is for the first time on the web, Chat via Video or Audio from within your Gmail Inbox with an excellent sound and video quality.

This chat function will work from any PC with with the internet connection running on any of the popular OS like Windows XP and Vista along with Macs with OS X 10.4 or later. As for browsers, all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox 3, IE, Opera etc. are supported by this new feature. This feature will be available for mobile users soon.

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Gmail Labs: Experimental Features Now Live

by on June 7, 2008
in Google, Internet

Gmail team is always on one thing or the other. Yesterday, they rolled out Gmail Labs, a portal for all the upcoming and experimental Gmail features. These experimental features are developed by the Google employees as their personal projects for Gmail. With Gmai Labs, you can browse and try all the upcoming Gmail features that are still in development. Google engineers created these features for Gmail in their 20% time. So some of the features are not completely stable and need some more work.

Gmail Labs

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