Accelerate Page Scrolling in Firefox 3.6

firefox-logo-newFirefox 3.6 was released a few days back and is available for download. The tips and tricks for Firefox 3.6 have already started popping up on the Internet.

This latest Firefox release brings in lots of new features and updates. It was downloaded over 4.5 million times on the first day and  has been downloaded 17 million times in its first week.

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Remove Google Groups Ads

by on December 1, 2009
in Firefox

google-groupsThis Greasemonkey script that I’ve found could be useful for those who use Google Groups a lot, but find all those Google ads on it annoying.

Google Groups Ads Remover is a free Greasemoneky script that takes off ads from the pages Google Groups which some people find annoying while going through the different groups.

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Visual Cache Viewer for Firefox

by on September 20, 2009
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

firefox-logo-newEverything you browse and do in Firefox gets stored in the cache. You can browse the cache with two ways. One way is to type about:cache in Firefox and other is to access them manually from your Firefox profile.

Firefox Cache Viewer is a free tool that provides a GUI and detailed information for your Firefox cache.

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10 Useful Firefox Extensions for Tabs

by on January 1, 2009
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

Tabs is one of the most important features in browsers these days. All browsers support tabbed-browsing as it allow users to surf as many websites as they want in one single window without cluttering your Windows taskbar.

Tabs in Firefox can be more useful than other browsers as they can be customized by using different extensions.

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FireTorrent: Firefox BitTorrent Downloader Addon

by on December 21, 2008
in Firefox, Internet, Tips and Tricks, Tools

firetorrent-logoThere are countless extensions available, but there is one thing that always made me jealous of Opera users. Yes, a built-in bittorent client in Firefox!

Opera has this feature since a long time, but Firefox never had one. But today, while going through a forums, I found this cool Firefox addon called, FireTorrent, thanks to which I’m no more jealous of Opera users.

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Tweak and Optimize Firefox 3, Download FireTune

Firefox 3 is very fast itself, but there’s always room for improvement and you can tweak and optimize it for best performance and speed.

Firefox settings are usually tweaked by manually changing the values in about:config (type this in the address bar). But since it’s not that easy for everyone, I have found a nice freeware which lets you optimize Firefox according to your computer speed and internet connection speed.

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How to Disable Firefox Extension Install Delay

by on September 12, 2008
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

After all the Chromey hype and tips, I finally got a chance to share a new Firefox tip with all my readers.

You must have noticed that whenever you install a Firefox extension, you get a four seconds delay before the Install button becomes active. Of course that won’t be a problem for most, but if you get annoyed with that you can follow the steps below to disable it.

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View AdSense Earnings In Firefox Status Bar

by on August 21, 2008
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

Adsense Notifier is a Firefox extension that displays your Adsense earnings in the Firefox status bar and lets you check your earnings at a glance.

This Firefox addon is very simple and is recommended for those who check their Adsense earnings multiple times a day and instead of logging again and again, you can use this addon.

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How To Quickly Open A Firefox Tab

by on July 30, 2008
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

Today morning while browsing on Firefox, I found a new trick to quickly open new tabs. May be you would already be knowing about it, but for me it was new and I thought I would also share it with you in case you didn’t know about.

I accidently doubled clicked at the empty area in my tab bar (mostly its full), and suddenly a new tab opened. At first, I thought I must have used to key combination for that. But again when I double clicked in that area, another new tab opened. Till now I’ve using the Ctrl + T key combination to open new tabs, but I guess this new trick will help me open tabs more quickly!

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