Fennec for Android Download Now Available

by on March 31, 2010
in Android, Firefox

fennec-logoFennec for Android is now available for download, unofficially though. Mozilla said they would be soon releasing a working, simple alpha release of Fenenc but it’s nowhere to be seen so far.

A developer at Android forums managed to grab the dump from Mozilla Wiki and compile it in to an app that he tried and tested on his Motorola Droid.

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Firefox for Android Coming in February

by on January 29, 2010
in Android, Browsers, Firefox

firefox-logo-newFirefox Mobile is still in development and we are already hearing of a Firefox for Android version expected to release next month. Firefox for Maemo and Windows Mobile is already in development.

Firefox for Android alpha version is being expected in February as the development work on it started back in December 2009. This news was posted on the German Firefox community site.

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