Facebook for Android 1.5.3: Tag Friends in Status

Facebook has released a new update to its official Facebook Android app, v1.5.3. It brings a number of bug fixes, and features that users have been requesting for.

You can now tag friends in your status update, add your phone number in profile and find friends.

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Facebook for Android 1.5.2: Upload Photos to Group, Improvements, Bug Fixes

Facebook for Android has been updated to v1.5.2 which brings a number of bug fixes and improvements that users had been waiting for long.

The new updated Facebook Android app brings the ability to upload photos to a friend’s wall, upload photos to groups etc.

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Nexus S Facebook Sync Disabled in Android 2.3.3

by on February 23, 2011
in Android, Google

Google has decided to push its data portability agenda with regards to Android with this Android 2.3.3 update rolling out now for Nexus S users. Facebook sync in Nexus S will no longer be available.

Facebook for Android app allowed you to sync Facebook contact information with your Android contacts, but that has been revoked from here on.

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Facebook for Android v1.5: Facebook Chat, Push Notifications

by on December 15, 2010
in Android, Facebook, Mobile Apps

Facebook rolled out a new, updated version of Facebook for Android v1.5 which now brings Facebook Chat support and push notifications to your Android device.

If you had taken a look in the Comments section for Facebook for Android in the Android Market, Chat was the most requested feature for the Android app to come on par with the iPhone version.

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Facebook Places Unveiled

Facebook Places is the latest feature added in Facebook today. We knew this was coming as the rumours had been circulating for a while now.

Places is all about location services and how Facebook users can utilize it. Facebook Places allows you to check-in places just like you do with Foursquare.

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Facebook for Android 1.3: New UI, Friends Requests, Video and Events Support

Facebook for Android was one ugly app that badly needed an update with its ugly UI and some features. This new update brings many new features such as a new UI, friends requests, video playback and events support.


In the last update, Facebook added Inbox support to the app, but the latest Facebook for Android 1.3 is a much-needed update we all wanted from the ugly UI it had.

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Facebook for Android 1.1.2

by on December 16, 2009
in Android

The Facebook app for Android got an update today which brings new functionalities and better photos browsing.

This is the same Facebook app that came with the Motorola Droid and, the same one which was leaked and ported for other Android devices.

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Facebook 1.1 for Android

by on November 17, 2009
in Android, Social Networks

Facebook for Android is one of the worst app Facebook has ever released for any of their devices. The Android version can barely do anything – But now, welcome the Facebook 1.1 for Android.

In my experience with Facebook 1.0 app on HTC Hero, all it could do is check your news feed and comment or like feed items there. Or most you can do is open anyone’s profile information.

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