Get Emoticons List in Facebook Chat

by on August 31, 2009
in Facebook, Tips and Tricks

I personally don’t prefer Facebook chat much and have almost put it on offline, but this tip could be helpful for those who use it a lot to chat with friends on Facebook.

I’m sure none of you would be aware of the entire list of emoticons available in Facebook Chat, but this little Greasemonkey script will display all of them like in any IM chat window.

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Facebook Chat on Desktop

by on August 6, 2009
in Facebook, Freewares, Tips and Tricks

gabtastik-iconWe all know that the chat feature in Facebook is one of the worst feature they have added. I mean, it’s not stable at all and keeps disconnecting every now and then while chatting with someone.

There are several multi-IM that allows you to chat with your Facebook buddies, but if you’re looking for a Facebook-only desktop app for chatting, then this application might help you.

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How To Appear Invisible in Facebook Chat

by on January 25, 2009
in Facebook, Tips and Tricks

Last year, back in April 2008, Facebook introduced Chat to communicate with our friends in real-time right from the Facebook website. For some it proved quite useful, but some people didn’t liked it and keep themselves offline.

Earlier, I used Facebook Chat a lot, but as my friends list got bigger, it started getting annoying that every time I log in Facebook to check my wall, messages etc, 4-5 friends would come by just for a casual chat.

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