Firefox 3 World Record Is Now Official

by on July 3, 2008
in Firefox

Mozilla today confirmed, that the world record they attempted to make for the most downloaded application (Firefox 3) in 24 hours has finally become official. They also confirmed that the official number that has made to the Guiness World Records is 8,002,530 times downloaded on June 18th, Download Day! It’s just two weeks since Mozilla attempted this world record, and the overall number of downloads tops 28 million.

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Firefox 3 – The Wait Is Finally Over!

by on June 12, 2008
in Firefox, General, Internet, Softwares

The official release date of Firefox 3 has been finally announced by the Mozilla team. The wait for the Download Day 2008, and the final gold release of Firefox 3 will be over soon. According to Mozilla Developer’s blog, Firefox 3 is announced to hit the web on Tuesday, June 17th! Everyone get yourselves ready to download Firefox 3 on that day and help Firefox 3 make a world record.

After more than 34 months of active development, and with the contributions of thousands, we’re proud to announce that we’re ready. It is our expectation to ship Firefox 3 this upcoming Tuesday, June 17th. Put on your party hats and get ready to download Firefox 3 — the best web browser, period.

Firefox Wants To Make Guinness World Record

by on June 1, 2008
in Firefox, Internet

Firefox Download Day 2008Mozilla is all set to release the final version of Firefox 3, and with that, it will also try to set up a world record. Sounds good, eh? They are trying to set a world record for most number of downloads in 24 hours for its upcoming release of Firefox.

The date of this “Download Day 2008” and the release date for Firefox 3 will be announced soon. If you would like to participate, head over to Spread Firefox and offer your pledge there to download Firefox 3 on the first day of its release. Once your email gets rolled in, you will be one the first ones to get your hands on the latest Firefox.

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