Disqus for Android App Released: Moderate Comments from Phone

by on October 5, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

Disqus has released an Android, iPhone and a Palm OS app for users to moderate and manage comments from their mobile devices.

This blog also runs Disqus commenting system and now thanks to the app, I can easily moderate comments much faster without going to my PC and managing them.

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Sizzled Core on Facebook, Disqus Installed

by on September 21, 2009
in Announcements

sizzledcore-logoOver the last few days, Sizzled Core readers must have noticed some changes I have been doing with this blog.

Some changes stayed, others were taken off as they didn’t go well with the blog and I got negative feedback on them. First to mention is, Sizzled Core is now on Facebook, and thanks to you all it already has over 440 fans!

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