Delicious 2.0 Is Now Without Dots

by on August 1, 2008
in Design, Internet, Web 2.0


Delicious has finally unveiled their new site design. This was scheduled to release long ago, but due to some problems it didn’t.

Delicious 2.0 is now finally released for public. First change that you will notice is that the old has moved to a new domain now. Now it’s much easier for users to remember the name.

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by on June 20, 2008
in General, Internet, Tools Plugin for IE has officially released the bookmarks browser plugin for Internet Explorer users and is now available for download. Earlier, it was only released for the open-source web-browser, Firefox. And later in May, a Beta version of the browser plugin was released for the Internet Explorer users to get feedback and improve the quality of their tagging and bookmarking features from IE.

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Yahoo has recently released a beta version of their browser plugin, of a popular social-bookmarking service, Two weeks ago, came out with a Firefox plugin to make bookmarking easier for its users. And the new one is no different than the Firefox version.

If you’ve already used the plugin for Firefox, then this IE plugin does not offer anything new. Here’s a list of what you get to do with the plugin.

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