Customize Windows & Desktop With Pitaschio

by on June 21, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

pitaschio tweak windows

Pitaschio is a freeware that can customize your Windows and makes it more convenient to use. You can customize the way your shortcuts appear on your dekstop, tweak your opened windows, taskbar etc. It also has some options for your mouse scroll wheel, and you can even disable keys like Windows key, Caps Lock, Alt, Insert etc. Pitaschio works well with Windows 2000, Xp and Vista.

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Glow In The Dark Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Glow Case

XCM has developed a replacement shell for Xbox 360, which actually glow green when lights go out. This new shell replaces your entire exterior of Xbox 360 to produce a creepy-ish green-glowing effect in a dark room. And as this shell is partially transparent, you can even see what’s inside your Xbox 360 (screenshots below).

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