iPhone 4G Mockup Design

by on February 4, 2009
in Apple, iPhone

iphone-post-imageRumors for the third-generation iPhone (also known as iPhone 4G) have started, just like iPhone 3G rumors popped up last year. Apple is again showing a deaf ear to all these rumors, and isn’t revealing anything about the next iPhone.

Today, Gizmodo posted about a cool iPhone 4G concept design which looks a lot like a MacBook in an iPhone.

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Cryptex Phone Concept: Twist Dials To Use

by on July 20, 2008
in Design, Gadgets

Cryptex Phone Concept

Here’s an interesting concept design for a cell phone that has been designed by March Schomann. This Cryptex phone concept features only a rotatable dial and the entire functionality of this phone works on it.

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