Hide Your Files In A JPEG

by on May 1, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

Well, did you know you could hide your files in a JPEG file? For this, you will only need to download WinRAR. You just need to have a little knowledge about Command Prompt and have WinRAR installed.

Ok, lets begin…

  1. Gather all the files that you wish to hide in a folder anywhere in your PC (make it in C:hidden – RECOMMENDED).
  2. Now, add those files in a RAR archive (e.g. secret.rar). This file should also be in the same directory (C:hidden).
  3. Now, look for a simple JPEG picture file (e.g. logo.jpg). Copy/Paste that file also in C:hidden.
  4. Now, open Command Prompt (Go to Run and type ‘cmd‘). Make your working directory C:hidden.
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Ipconfig Commands For Fixing the Internet

A few days back, my Internet connection was giving me a lot of problems. For some reason it wasn’t opening this site, when it was able to open all the rest of the sites of the world :S.

A little Google-ing got me a pretty handful of IP command lines that can be used to fix Internet connection problems from Command Prompt.

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