Backup Google Chrome Profile with Freeware

by on August 31, 2009
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks

google-chrome-logoIn the past, I’ve shared a simple manual method to backup your Chrome settings by copying the preferences file from your profile. But now you can download the easier tool which can easily backup your entire profile.

Google Chrome Profile Backup is a free tool to backup and restore your Chrome profile. It backs up your history, downloads, bookmarks, settings etc in just one-click!

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How To Update to Chrome 2.0

google-chrome-logoChrome 2.0 (pre-beta) has been released with some new features and several bug fixes. In order to update Chrome to the latest version (currently, you need to subscribe to Developer channel of Chrome.

Some new features in Chrome 2.0 are profile support, latest WebKit, full page auto-complete and support for Greases monkey scripts.

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How To Check for Google Chrome Updates

by on September 7, 2008
in Google, Tips and Tricks

According to Google Chrome Help Center, Chrome automatically updates to a newer version when one is released which happens silently whether or not you’re using the browser at the time.

But for some reason, this isn’t working for me and I had to manually check Google Chrome for the latest version. If you are also having this issue and want to see if a manual update is available, follow these steps:

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Google Chrome Browser Themes

by on September 6, 2008
in Google, Tips and Tricks

The Chromey buzz that Google created in just 2 days before the actual release doesn’t seem to calm down so soon. A blog looks incomplete if it has not shared a Chrome tip with its readers.

One of the best and most popular features of Google Chrome is its themes. Chrome allows users to change the interface with different styles and colours.

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How To Browse Privately In Google Chrome

by on September 3, 2008
in Google, Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome, the open source browser project by Google was released yesterday for public download in about 100 languages.

Chrome brought many new interesting features like Incognito being one of them. It is a similar feature to InPrivate in IE8 and more commonly known as porn made that allows you to browse the web privately, and no information related to yuor browsing will be saved in your computer.

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