Check Google+ Notifications from Google Chrome

Another Google+ tip. Chrome extension, to be precise. You can now add a small notification checker extension in Google Chrome which displays your new notifications number and will take you to Google+.

Not just this. This extension now also supports desktop notifications and sound. Google+ Notification Checker is a very simple Chrome extension that displays the number of unread notifications in Google+.

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Hide Google+ Notification from Google Bar

Google’s new dark bar when combined with your Google+ profile could become very powerful from where you can check your notifications, share new updates, photos, videos or access your settings.

When working, like when writing an important document in Google Docs, the red notifications box in the new Google bar might get a bit distracting. If it does for you, you can easily turn them off when using Google Chrome.

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Integrate Google+ Notifications in Google Chrome

The new dark Google bar is already a really cool navigation bar when combined with Google+ and it has one of the best notifications area I have ever seen.

You can now integrate these notifications in your Google Chrome browser. In this way, you won’t have to be on a Google website in order to access your notifications. You will be notified and can check for new notifications while surfing any website.

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How to Share from Google+ to Facebook and Twitter

Google+ currently allows sharing posts only within itself – on your own Google+ profile. Thanks to a Chrome extension, you can enhance this functionality and add an option to share on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Most people when share posts would love to share it with their Facebook and Twitter friends as well, because most of their friends and contacts are still on Facebook and have not yet been able to join Google+.

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HOW TO: Google+ Fixed Google Bar While Scrolling

Google introduced the new dark Google navigation bar at the top of all the Google services, and it turns into your quick update and access to notifications for Google+ after signing up for it.

When you scroll down to look for more updates in Google+, sometimes you go so down and when you have to scroll up just to access the Google bar, it gets annoying. You can now fix the Google navigation bar at the top of the screen as you scroll down as much as you want.

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Get Google+ App Shortcut in Chrome to Access Quickly

Google+ is the next big thing trying to take over the social network game on the Internet. Google+ revolves around circles (friend lists), hangouts (groups) and sparks (interesting stuff). A very neat and clean interface. I’m already in love with it.

We’ve been sharing various Google+ tips and tricks since morning, and here is another one. You can get a big Chrome app shortcut link for Google+ to quickly access it from Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome Will Have Extensions by May?

by on February 6, 2009
in Browsers, Google, Softwares

google-chrome-logoChrome is the popular web browser by Google. It started off with the most basic and common features that everyone asked for. But now, we see Google slowly adding more and more features to Chrome.

One of the reasons why I don’t use Chrome as my primary browser is because of lack of extensions (plugins, addons) in it. On the other hand, Firefox has a vast collection of addons available.

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