Backup Facebook with Archive Facebook

by on December 12, 2009
in Facebook, Firefox, Tips and Tricks

I have previously shared and gave away free license keys of SocialSafe, a tool to backup your Facebook account.

Well, since that was a paid app and people mostly prefer free tools and applications, I’ve found a free method to backup your Facebook profile.

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SocialSafe, Free License Key Giveaway

Yesterday, I reviewed  a great application to backup your Facebook profile, friends and photos etc. called SocialSafe (full review).  It’s not a freeware like the rest we share here, but a worth-review paid, inexpensive application.

SocialSafe costs only $2.99, but even then the SocialSafe team has been kind enough to offer few license keys for free for Sizzled Core readers.

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Backup Facebook Profile with SocialSafe

socialsafe-logoMost of us are addicted to online social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc. and for some managing an online social profile is now more important than keeping up with the one in real life.

Since no web service is infallible, you never know when your account might get hacked, deleted, suspended for false spamming or anything like that where you may lose important data, friends, uploaded photos etc.

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