Google Movies for Android: Rent, Buy Movies for Phones, Tablets

by on May 10, 2011
in Android, Google

Google has just unveiled Google Movies for Android. It is a service for Android phones and tablets that allows users to rent/buy movies fr0m the Android Market for as low as $1.99 and you can download them directly off the Market.

Google Music offers a 30-day rental period and you can watch the whole movie within 24 hours. This service has a Google Movies app for Android phones and a separate one for tablets as well.

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Google Reader for Android App Launched

by on December 3, 2010
in Android, Google, Mobile Apps

Google launched the official Google Reader app on Android today that brings full integration of the powerful RSS reader to your Android device.

It brings most of the features you need in a basic news reader app with the features of multiple accounts, marking items read, search, live syncing etc.

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25+ Android Twitter Clients

by on April 5, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

Twitter clients on Android don’t have the shiny UI and eye-candy that the iPhone Twitter clients offer, but they sure do have all the features one need, infact a few more in some apps.

There are many Android Twitter apps. Seesmic for Android and Twidroid remains my favourite, but I still decided to try out other Twitter clients from the Android Market, wondering if there is any other app out there waiting to be my default client on the Nexus One!

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Digg Android App Launched in Android Market

by on April 3, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

digg-logoDigg has just announced the availability of their Android app in the Android Market. Almost a week ago, Digg introduced the Digg iPhone app and hinted about releasing the Digg Android app soon.

I just caught the tweet of Kevin Rose saying that the Android app has launched and is available for download.

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Enable Paid Apps in Android Market

android-market-social-featuredWe all know Android Market is not available in all the countries yet. Not exactly the entire Market, but users in countries like India, Pakistan and a number of other places don’t get paid apps in Android Market on their phone. Only free apps are accessible.

Market Enabler is an Android app for ‘rooted’ devices that could be used to fake a phone’s location and access Android Market from other countries.

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HTC Widgets in Android Market

by on December 19, 2009
in Android

htc-logoHTC has launched four of its widgets in the Android Market and you can download them for free.

These free widgets are available for the HTC Hero and HTC Eris and might run on all Android phones with Sense UI.

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Fring for Android Now Available in Market

by on November 18, 2009
in Android

fring-droidFring, the popular mobile IM and VoIP application is now finally available for Android devices. Fring users can make free VoIP calls over Skype, MSN, Google Talk and via hundreds of SIP providers. Plus it also supports Yahoo and Twitter.

It took them quite long to bring Fring to the open-source mobile OS, Android, but they finally did after weeks of alpha testing.

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Google Help Forums – Revamped!

by on November 8, 2008
in General, Google

I knew Google Help Forums only because of my AdSense-related queries, as I’m not much of a forums users. But today when I opened it to check replies to one of my queries, I was surprised to see it all changed.

I checked the link, even clicked on the main logo of AdSense Forums, but in the end found the newly revamped forum on every try.

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