Duck Hunt for Android

by on May 24, 2011
in Android, Mobile Apps

Duck Hunt, the popular NES game, is now available on Android Market for shooting down ducks – and of course, this would be on a touchscreen phone and and won’t use the NES Zapper (gun).

This game was first launched for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game console system and we had to shoot down ducks using the NES Zapper. The ducks appear one or two at a time, and the player is given three shots to shoot them down.

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Angry Birds Seasons Easter Update Now Available

by on April 18, 2011
in Android, Mobile Apps

We wrote last week about the next Angry Birds Seasons update which was going to hit the stores in a week. The update is finally available for iPhone / iPod Touch and Android devices. Angry Birds Seasons Easter.

Angry Birds Easter update features chocolate eggs and bunnies, and a whole bunch of succulent golden eggs.

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Angry Birds Seasons Easter, Releasing Next Week!

by on April 13, 2011
in Android, iPhone, Mobile Apps

Rovio, the mobile game developer has announced that they will be releasing an update soon to their Angry Birds Seasons game which will bring a new set of levels to the game.

Angry Birds Seasons Easter update will have 15 new levels, with three extra levels available through Facebook. And Easter means, instead of pigs, you can expect bunnies and eggs in the upcoming Angry Birds game.

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Download Android Games from PlayAndroid

by on March 17, 2011
in Android

Google has done a great job with its Android Market website, but it is still not the best place to discover and explore new apps and games online. This is where coems in.

PlayAndroid is an Android Games service that is run by Rumble Media GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, Germany. It is the leading destination for downloading the best Android games. You can find the latest free Android apps and games.

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Christmas Offer: Free Gameloft Games for Android and iPhone

by on December 1, 2010
in Android, Gaming, iPhone, Mobile Apps

Gameloft plans to giveaway a free game title everyday till Christmas! It’s a surprise gift that will be revealed everyday on Gameloft’s Twitter account.

iPhone and Android top-selling games by Gameloft will now be available for free until Christmas. It’s a jackpot for gamers who have both the devices.

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Angry Birds Seasons Now in Android Market

by on December 1, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

We knew a special Christmas version of Angry Birds was coming out soon on Android and iPhone – and it’s finally available in the Android Market now.

Rovio released the special Christmas version today which brings 25 new levels of action with pigs, snow, gifts etc. It also includes the Halloween version of Angry Birds.

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Asphalt 5 for Android Released by Gameloft

by on March 26, 2010
in Android

asphalt-5 One of the leading game developers for mobile phone, Gameloft, has released Asphalt 5 for Android. Many people who played the game suggest that its one of the best 3D games for Android.

Even if we look at the screenshots and videos, the graphics are outstanding considering the fact that it’s a mobile game. However, if you visit their official website, all you will find is games for iPhone and iPod. But if you want to install Asphalt 5 on your Android smartphone, just go the Android Market and purchase the game.

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ODROID Developer Edition Gets Android 2.1

by on March 11, 2010
in Android, Gadgets

odroidRemember ODROID? Yes, the handheld gaming device powered by Android. ODROID Developer Edition recently got an Android 2.1 update which makes it running on the latest Android version up to date.

It is based on a Samsung-manufactured application processor called S5PC100 833MHz. The system-on-chip(SoC) uses the latest ARM’s Cortex-A8 with NEON multimedia accelerator.

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Raging Thunder 2 Released for Android and iPhone

by on March 8, 2010
in Android, iPhone

raging-thunder-2Raging Thunder 2 is now available in the Android Market and App Store of the iPhone for download. Polarbit is now out with the second wave of its 3D games.

This game, Raging Thunder 2, is now available in the Android Market for €4.00 ($5.63) and you need to a high-end device like the Nexus One, Desire or Droid to run it.

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