Google Maps 4.1 Android Updated: Latitude Widget, Maps Live Wallpaper, New Search

by on March 18, 2010
in Android, Google, Personal

google-maps-4.1-2Google Maps for Android has bee updated today with some cool new features which are not found on any other device running Google Maps.

The new version on Android 1.6+ devices, Google Maps 4.1, brings in updated search results page where you can swipe for the next result, Maps live wallpaper and a lot more.

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How to Use Google Shopper for Android

by on February 25, 2010
in Android, Tips and Tricks

google-shopper-1I visit lots of Android forums where I discuss and take help on issues I’m stuck on. One thing that I noticed is that many people are having problems in using Google Shopper.

After you scan a barcode or product, users don’t get proper search results or usually end up in a fail search.

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Google Shopper for Android: Shop the Smart Way

by on February 25, 2010
in Android

google-shopper-logoGoogle Shopper was released a few days ago for Android phones. It changes the way how you find products on your Android phone to buy them online.

This app helps you find detailed information about books, CD, DVD, books and video games. More products and categories will hopefully be added later.

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Google Earth for Android Released

by on February 22, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

google-earth-logoGoogle Earth for Android is now available for download in the Android Market. I just logged in the Android Market on my Nexus One to check out some new apps and saw the Google Earth app which just released a few minutes ago.

I’m downloading it right now on my phone. Will update more about the app and how it works later.

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Firefox for Android Coming in February

by on January 29, 2010
in Android, Browsers, Firefox

firefox-logo-newFirefox Mobile is still in development and we are already hearing of a Firefox for Android version expected to release next month. Firefox for Maemo and Windows Mobile is already in development.

Firefox for Android alpha version is being expected in February as the development work on it started back in December 2009. This news was posted on the German Firefox community site.

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Next Android Version to be Called Froyo

by on January 17, 2010
in Android

android-logoThe next version of Android will be called Froyo, which is short for “frozen yoghurt”. Engadget caught up with Erick Tseng, Senior Product Manager of Android, who dished up some information.

Google has its own way to make us keep guessing what would the next Android version be called. As the trend follows with, C-upcake, D-onut and E-clair – We knew the next name would start with a ‘F’-royo.

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The New “Google Phone” Confirmed

by on December 13, 2009
in Android, Gadgets, Google

android-logoFor God knows, how many years this rumour has been going on of Google working on its own phone. Even when the rumours were high at peak last year, Google announced G1.

Today they confirmed, that Google is indeed working on a new Google Phone and well, according to the specifications known so far, is a very cool phone!

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How to Root Motorola Droid (Android 2.0.1)

by on December 10, 2009
in Android

motorola-droid-thumbFirst I shared you the entire step-by-step tutorial on how you can root HTC Hero and install custom ROM on it.

Now I’m sharing this tutorial on how you can root Motorola Droid Android 2.0 (and also works with Android 2.0.1).

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Get Android 2.0 on HTC Hero

by on December 1, 2009
in Android

android-20-eclairsA lot has been going on at HTC for the HTC Hero. They promised us with an Android 2.0 update soon, but still we haven’t heard anything from them since then.

And then, recently came up the leaked screenshots of someone running Android 2.1 on HTC Hero with Sense UI.

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