New AdSense Interface Now Available Globally

by on November 14, 2010
in Google

After months of private testing, Google has launched the new AdSense interface to all the users globally, still in beta though.

You can switch between the ew and old interfaces anytime you like. AdSense sent out a message to all the users about the availability of the new interface. This upcoming interface will be the v3 of AdSense.

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AdSense Signup Tips and New Requirements

by on November 12, 2010
in Blogging, Google, Tips and Tricks

All new users who are trying to sign up for Google AdSense must have had difficulties on getting their new account approved Reason? Google AdSense have revised their requirements for new accounts. It’s been a while since I posted some beginner blogging/money-making tips, so here’s one for all the new bloggers.

Signing up for AdSense in the past was a piece of cake. Even a blog owner could have signed up for a new account – but it’s all different now. Tons of accounts are being suspended or websites are being blacklisted everyday.

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AdSense for Windows 7 Gadgets/Sidebar

by on September 27, 2009
in Personal

adsense-gadget-1How many of you check your Google AdSense account multiple times a day? Some people really get addicted to checking their account every hour or so.

For such people, I once shared a  Firefox addon, but now you can get updates of your AdSense account right on your desktop.

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Set Google AdSense Custom Fonts

by on February 23, 2009
in Google

Google adverts are already popular for their trend setting strategies once announced by Google are followed by other similar and competing advert networks online. But still, Google wins the race to provide relevant ads for your website.

Google in effort to maximize the user friendly behavior of their adverts has allowed to set custom fonts for ad units.

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Google Optimisation Essentials Video Series

The main key to earn maximum revenue from Google AdSense is to optimize your ads well for your blog.

Google Adsense has now started giving recommendations for the best optimization of the Google Ads for your blog or website. So far they have made two posts on such tips. Below is a brief overview of what AdSense said about optimizing your ads.

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Google Help Forums – Revamped!

by on November 8, 2008
in General, Google

I knew Google Help Forums only because of my AdSense-related queries, as I’m not much of a forums users. But today when I opened it to check replies to one of my queries, I was surprised to see it all changed.

I checked the link, even clicked on the main logo of AdSense Forums, but in the end found the newly revamped forum on every try.

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Google Analytics gets AdSense Integration

by on October 24, 2008
in Personal

Google has finally released their long rumoured feature for Google Analytics, integration of AdSense. It is being slowly rolled out to all users, so don’t panic if you don’t see an option yet. You will get it in the coming weeks.

This was one of the most wanted feature by Analytics and AdSense users, as it will now help webmasters gather more in-depth reports about their site traffic and revenue.

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Google Ending AdSense Referrals Program

by on July 2, 2008
in Google, Internet

AdSense Referral

Google has announced today they will be ending their AdSense referrals program. AdSense Referrals allows you to include product referral links which cane be bought or downloaded. When a user from your site buys or downloads something via that link, you get a commission of the sale. Most popular referral links include Firefox and AdSense ad units. Today they announced that they will be officially stopping them by the end of August 2008.

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