Adobe Air 2.5 for Android to Support P2P Video Chat

by on July 21, 2010
in Android

air_logo Adobe and Google’s Android smartphone operating system are going hand in hand these days. The Android 2.2 update added support for Adobe’s Flash 10.1 (something which Apple has decided never to include in its iOS) and seems like Adobe is returning the favor to Google.

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Download Adobe AIR for Android

by on July 4, 2010
in Android

adobe-air-logo-2Adobe AIR for Android was first unveiled back in May, when Adobe started taking in registrations for beta testing of their cross platform communication tool, AIR for Android.

No, Adobe has not released it officially, but thanks to Droid-Life, we now have a working version of AIR for Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 devices.

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Google Buzz Desktop

by on February 14, 2010
in Freewares, Google, Social Networks

google-buzz-logoGoogle Buzz Desktop is a free Adobe AIR client that allows you to update Buzz from your desktop.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Buzz also has a very cluttered web interface and it would be better if you use it with a clean and simple desktop client. You won’t have to open your Gmail just to update Buzz.

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Adobe AIR 2 Beta Released, Features, Video

by on November 20, 2009
in Internet, Softwares

Almost all of us use Adobe AIR apps, TweetDeck and DestroyTwitter being the popular apps among Twitter users. It has finally released the first beta version of Adobe AIR 2 which is now available for public download.

Adobe AIR 2 provides end users with exceptional application experiences while giving developers the easiest and most powerful way to develop desktop applications across multiple platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

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Google Wave Desktop Client

by on October 22, 2009
in Freewares, Google, Tips and Tricks

waver-logoI hope you liked my previous articles/tips on Google Wave, which were how to add Wikipedia in Google Wave and how to find your wave ID.

Google Wave experience is still being quite boring and useless. The web interface also has some glitches, which I’m sure would be fixed as time passes because Google Wave is still in beta preview.

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Facebook Desktop Application

There are many applications that lets you use Facebook on desktop, but not all give you a nice interface with almost all the Facebook features built in it.

Photo Uploader for Facebook is actually an Adobe AIR Facebook desktop application that lets you upload photos by simply drag-and-drop, but along with features to make a complete desktop app.

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DestroyTwitter: Desktop Twitter Client

by on January 30, 2009
in Freewares, Social Networks, Softwares

destroy-twitter-iconI think, right now, Adobe AIR is all dominated by Twitter clients, because every new Twitter app or client you download is powered by Adobe AIR.

In between hundreds of Twitter clients, a new client has popped up which is rather addictive and provides one of the most simple, light and easy-to-use interface.

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Moderate WordPress Comments from Desktop

by on October 26, 2008
in Blogging, Freewares, WordPress

It’s been a while since I last shared an Adobe AIR tool. The last one I posted about was about GMDesk which lets you run Google services from your desktop.

Many blogs have comment moderation enabled to prevent from spam. Even this blog uses comment moderation, and I daily have to moderate a big pile of comments. This has just been made easy, thanks to Daniel.

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Run Google Services on Desktop with GMDesk

by on September 2, 2008
in Freewares, Google, Tools, Web 2.0

We all know that Adobe AIR is an awesome platform for desktop applications. I recently wrote about an AIR-based web 2.0 icon generator, and here I have an other interesting application from its ever-increasing list.

GMDesk is an application that lets you run Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Maps as a stand-alone application from your desktop and do all your mail handling, calendar event reading etc with.

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