FireFox Screen Space Tweaks – Tree Style Tab

FirefoxIf you are an internet power-user / info-maniac, chances are that you use Firefox as your primary browser, and if you have been a Firefox user for a few months, your have undoubtedly installed a bunch of add-ons and plugins that are now a part of your life. These Add-ons are constantly vying for screen real estate and leaving you on the constant lookout to use the few million precious pixels on your screen(s) more effectively.

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FireNES: Play NES Games In Firefox

by on July 24, 2008
in Firefox, Gaming, Tips and Tricks

Super Mario Bros

FireNES is a Firefox addon that lets you play over 2500 NES games right from your Firefox. This addon fetches games from another online Java powered NES emulator.

This is an ultimate time waster where you can play your favourite old games for hours. Turn your PC into a NES Emulator with this addon and play without downloading or installing any other emulator or separate ROMs.

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Messenger Plus! Live – Customize Windows Live Messenger

by on July 4, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks


Messenger Plus! Live is a freeware and the most popular add-on for Windows Live Messenger. It adds tons of features and extras to WLM with which you are bound to have a better and enhanced user-experience. You can add auto-reply status messages, skins, tabbed-chatting windows, multi-MSN and tons of other features.You can also add custom sounds and additional smileys using Messenger Plus! Live.

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Get Auto Reply Feature In Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live MessengerWindows Live Messenger Auto-Reply is a small freeware that allows you to add Auto Reply feature in your Windows Live Messenger (WLM). This is really handy when someone tries to contact you while you are away from your computer and you are signed in your WLM. An auto reply message is automatically sent to who ever contacts you while your status is other than online.

Auto reply messages can be customized to whatever you want to write. You can set auto reply messages with very simple verbiage, like: “I’m currently away from my computer but I will get back to you as soon as possible”.

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