Merge Multiple PDF Documents for Free

by on February 8, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Tools, Web 2.0

pdf-iconMany times you must have seen that some authors publish their long e-books in multiple parts, instead of one big PDF document. For some, it could be handy i.e on mobile devices which, sometimes, work slow with big documents. But many prefer one big document.

For the later kind, I have found a perfect web app that could help you. MergePDF is a free service that could combine multiple PDF documents into a single one.

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Yahoo Mail POP3 Access with YPOPs!

Yahoo! Mail is one of the most popular webmail services. But unlike, Gmail and Windows Live Mail, they do not allow POP3/IMAP access for free users. This service is only for paid customers.

With free POP access, users can send and receive mails using desktop clients like Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

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MediaCoder: Free Audio/Video Batch Transcoder

by on January 4, 2009
in Freewares, Tools

MediaCoder is an open-source, universal audio/video batch transcoder which offers the best and popular media tools and codecs in one friendly user-interface.

It uses advanced multi-threading design and architecture where adding new tools and support for new devices is very easy. You get full control over all transcoding parameters.

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BitSpirit, Free BitTorrent Client

by on January 2, 2009
in Freewares, Softwares, Tools

In spite of big names in BitTorrent clients like uTorrent, I like to keep trying out new clients which may offer better speeds and features.

In another such search, I came across BitSpirit. It supports a number a personalized features and full BitTorrent protocol implementation. It is a powerful BitTorrent client with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

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Capture Screenshots in Windows with Greenshot

by on January 1, 2009
in Freewares, Tools, Windows

Being a tech blogger, I review many apps on my blog which sometimes require me to take screenshots. The Print Screen utility in Windows is not always effective when taking screenshots of a particular application window.

Greenshot is a free, open-source screenshot utility for Windows that has been optimized for maximum productivity.

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Paint.NET: Free Photo Editor for Windows

by on December 28, 2008
in Freewares, Softwares, Tools, Windows

paint-net-logoThere are not many free image editors that give you the features and useful tools of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro and The GIMP, and run as light as feathers without hogging system resources.

Based on Microsoft .NET Framework, Paint.NET is a free digital photo editor for Windows that offers very useful and powerful tools for easy and quick photo editing. It comes with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects etc.

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Configure Startup Programs with a Freeware

Startup programs can also be enabled or disabled manually or by using MSConfig utility which comes as built in tool in every version of Windows.

But why mess with your OS when you can easily do it with freewares which are way easier to use and configure with?

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FireTorrent: Firefox BitTorrent Downloader Addon

by on December 21, 2008
in Firefox, Internet, Tips and Tricks, Tools

firetorrent-logoThere are countless extensions available, but there is one thing that always made me jealous of Opera users. Yes, a built-in bittorent client in Firefox!

Opera has this feature since a long time, but Firefox never had one. But today, while going through a forums, I found this cool Firefox addon called, FireTorrent, thanks to which I’m no more jealous of Opera users.

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Delete IE History and Registry Entries

by on December 15, 2008
in Freewares, Tips and Tricks, Tools

While we work on our computer, Windows creates and deletes many registry entries of its own tasks, or from the applications we use. These automatically created Registry entries by Windows are sometimes left undeleted, and are useless for future use.

CleanAfterMe is a free tool that easily cleans up all the Registry mess that Windows make and leaves it undeleted. This is not all, you can also use this tool to delete your Internet Explorer history, cookies, cache, ‘Recent’ folder, temporary files, event logs and a lot more!

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