New Google Favicon Spotted

by on January 10, 2009
in Google, Internet, Pictures

google-faviconIt was last year in May, when Google came out with a new favicon image for their sites. No one expected it to release a new favicon again this year.

They have now replaced the ‘g’ favicon with a more colorful one. For some reason, I don’t like the new one. now has the new favicon, along with other Google sites slowly getting the update.

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Google Doodles for Holidays 2008

by on December 27, 2008
in Google, Pictures

A few days back I posted the various Google doodles that Google has had for Christmas in the previous years.

Till that time, Google had not fully revealed their this year’s holiday googles. But today, I check the Doodles websites, and found all the new logos for Holidays 2008!

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Google Doodles for Christmas

by on December 22, 2008
in Google, Pictures

Christmas is just a few days away, and I have also finally decided to apply the new Sizzled Core Christmas logo, made by Altaf Sayani.

We all know Google changes their doodles to something unique every year on some special occasion or holiday. This year too we expect to see something cool from Google, like always!

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Google Mosaic Wallpaper

by on November 8, 2008
in Design, Google, Pictures

Google is everywhere, it is taking control of your every aspect of life slowly, gradually but effectively. Now its time to experience the Google effect on your desktop with this amazing mosaic wallpaper featuring Google Logo.

It was last month when I found the Giant Google Logo Mosaic. Now it was really not appealing to fix only logo right on my desktop, so I simply added some reflexive effect to the original file to made it more appealing.

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Windows vs Walls Wallpaper Download

In order to promote Windows and its users, Microsoft team launched their latest marketing campaign “I’m a PC” on Sept. 18.

Unlike the previous campaign which Microsoft didn’t got right, I’m a PC has been received well by the technology world and is getting a very good response.

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55 Most Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

I just came across some of the finest and most beautifully designed iPhone wallpapers. It is a set of 55 wallpapers that I thought you’d all enjoy to use it on your desktops. Below is a list of the top 9 wallpapers I liked from that collection.

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The Internet’s Undersea World

Ever wondered how long cables are used for this Internet to work? We all know that we are connected to each other thanks to telephone lines or Internet cables, but never cared to find out how and where do these cables lie. Recently, I got a forwarded mail from my friend which had a picture showing what cables lie on this Earth land that makes it possible to connect to the Internet. That picture was titled as “The Internet’s Undersea World” and can be seen below.

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Bradicon: Online Image To Icon Converter


I had a few images that I wanted to convert into icons to use with my desktop shortcuts, so I Googled a few converters, but didn’t found any good ones, so I continued my search till I came across Bradicon. It is a free online image to icon converter, that will convert your images (supports all major formats) to an ICO file. This icon file can be downloaded and used with shortcuts.

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Google Saree By Indian Designer, Satya Paul

by on June 19, 2008
in Design, Google, Humour, Pictures

Saree, is a traditional desi attire, usually found in India, Pakistan etc. Satya Paul, has designed a Saree which features a Google logo (atually it’s Ooogle, maybe to prevent any trademark issues with Google) and some search results. God knows, what search term he used for the print (I can only spot the word Art). He adopted this strategy to promote his product because by incorporating a big brand name, he can easily market his product for free.

Google Saree

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