Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5 Billion

by on May 10, 2011
in Internet, Microsoft


Microsoft has just bought Skype for a whopping $8.5 billion! This is not just based on rumours. WSJ and AllThingsD have confirmed that the acquisition deal has been made, and official announcement will follow tomorrow morning.

Talks to buy Skype has been rumoured a number of times,  but this time it is confirmed that Microsoft has bought Skype. Facebook was also in line to get Skype, but Microsoft got away with the Skype, thanks to such a high bid.

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Check How Many Pages Needed to Print Your Twitter Timeline

by on April 21, 2011
in Internet

Ever wanted to know how many pages it would take to print your entire Twitter timeline? The Print Effect does this job pretty well. It checks up your twitter username and gives you an approximate figure of number of pages needed to print Twitter timeline.

Not just pages, it also gives some other interesting stats like litres of ink to be used, ink cartridges, total cost etc.

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Amazon App Store for Android Launched

by on March 22, 2011
in Android, Internet

Amazon has just launched their Amazon App Store for Android, initially launching with 3,800 apps in the app store.

Their first free app of the day goes exclusively goes to Angry Birds Rio, which will be available for $0.99 after 24 hours.

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Windows Phone 7 Internet Explorer 9 on Video

by on March 21, 2011
in Browsers, Internet

Internet Explorer 9 is now finally available for download for PCs, but after a small announcmenet and demo, we never heard of Windows Phone 7’s Internet Explorer 9.

IE9 on Windows Phone 7 has been caught in action on video by The Next Web. You can watch it after the jump.

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Windows 8 Aero Lite Leaked Screenshots

by on March 15, 2011
in Internet, Windows

Lots of Windows 8 leaks this week. First the taskbar screenshots, then Office 15 screenshots leaked out and today morning we saw Windows 8 Metro UI icons and now new Windows 8 Aero Lite screenshots!

Windows 8 is rumoured to have the popular Metro UI (Aero Lite) and the first of its screenshots have leaked today, thanks to!

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Free Calls to Japan with AT&T Until End of March

by on March 14, 2011
in Internet, Tips and Tricks

Everyone is trying to contact their loved ones family and friends in Japan over the last few days after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11.

AT&T is offering wired and wireless billing relief for calls made on AT&T between March 11th and March 31st. AT&T wireless postpaid customers won’t be charged for long distance calls or text messages to Japan from the US and Puerto Rico.

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Google Chrome OS Announced!

by on December 8, 2010
in Google, Internet

The Chrome OS event is going on live right now and guess what, Chrome OS just got announced!

Chrome OS runs on the Chrome Netbooks which puts all the focus on connectivity and browsing. According to Google, users spent more time in browsers than using other applications in a computer.

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Google Books for Android, Google eBookstore Launched

Google launched its own ebooks service called the Google eBooks Store which brings you a huge library (3 million) of digital books to read online or read on your mobile device.

Alone with the online service, Gogole also launched Google Books app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Nook and Sony.

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Facebook Mail Announcement. Watch it Live Online

Facebook event is about to start i na couple of minutes where they are rumoured to unveil a new alternative to Gmail, something by the name of Facebook Mail – or will probably roll out some improvements to the existing Messages feature on Facebook.

You can watch the Facebook event live on Facebook Live. The page is live right now and already has over 10K viewers.

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