Moka – Free Translation for Cell Phones

Moka is your personal translator, enabling you to easily translate words and phrases back to your phone in the language of your choice ( English, Spanish and Chinese).Type in what you want to say in English and receive the translated text in Spanish.
You can also reverse the direction of translation with a simple command. You can send translated messages into Spanish and Chinese to your friends and receive the translated messages back in English.

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Panoramio: Organize Photos by Geo-Tagging

Are you fond of visiting places and have passion of capturing moments in photographs? If yes, then this site is just for you!

Panoramio service by Google allows you to organize your photos by tagging them. Its most powerful feature is geo-tagging or location marking. When you upload your photo after entering the title and selecting the respective tags you can additionally specify location of the photo taken on Google Maps.

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Google Help Forums – Revamped!

by on November 8, 2008
in General, Google

I knew Google Help Forums only because of my AdSense-related queries, as I’m not much of a forums users. But today when I opened it to check replies to one of my queries, I was surprised to see it all changed.

I checked the link, even clicked on the main logo of AdSense Forums, but in the end found the newly revamped forum on every try.

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25 Web Proxies To Surf Web Anonymously

by on September 27, 2008
in General, Tips and Tricks

Popular social networks and bookmarking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. are all blocked in schools and workplaces. One way of going through these blocked sites is to use a proxy server in your browser, but that doesn’t always help as free servers go down quite often.

When I needed to access my favourite sites like Facebook in my school, I used web proxy sites that allowed anonymous browsing.

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Multi Protocol Instant Messaging with Miranda IM

by on September 9, 2008
in General, Softwares

Popular multi protocol messengers like Digsby, Pidgin all provide nice features and options to use with different IMs, but one thing I noticed about them is that their memory usage is higher than others.

Today I came across another multi-protocol messenger called Miranda IM. It is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. It is smaller, faster and easier than others and is also very light on system resources.

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Share Digg Articles on Twitter with TwiggIt

by on September 7, 2008
in General, Internet, Web 2.0

Twitter is no doubt the most popular micro-blogging site. There are hundreds of Twitter-related services available online (few reviewed here), but this time what I have found is going to be liked by all the Digg users who are on Twitter.

TwiggIt is an automated service that mashes up two of the most popular sites on the Internet, Digg and Twitter, and lets your friends on Twitter know what articles you Digg.

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How to Make Money with your Twitter Profile

by on September 4, 2008
in General, Internet, Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves making money online, right? Making money through blogs is quite old now and is one of the easiest ways to earn something. Micro-blogging sites i.e Twitter never had any monetizing networks where people can also make money.

This is where TwittAd comes in. TwittAd is an ad network for twitter that allows people to put ads on their Twitter profiles and earn money out of it.

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Compress Files Online with ShrinkFile

by on August 26, 2008
in Freewares, General, Internet, Tools, Web 2.0

Everyone likes online tools as they do not require any installation of applications or addons. And since online tools can be accessed anywhere, all you need is just an Internet connection.

All computers don’t have WinZip or WinRAR installed. If you need to compress large files, but don’t have enough time to download and install WinZip, then this tool is definitely for you!

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Backup Twitter Profile with Tweetake

by on August 20, 2008
in General, Internet, Tips and Tricks, Tools

There are hundreds of Twitter-related services available online (few reviewed here), but this is one of the best I have found. I’m sure none of you would like to lose your Twitter buddies and tweets that you’ve made.

Tweetake lets you backup your Twitter profile (your tweets, friends, followers and favourites) into a CSV file and keep it safe in your PC. Since Twitter still has frequent downtimes, you might lose data anytime.

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