Echofon for Windows, a Twitter Client for Windows Coming Soon

by on June 16, 2011
in Freewares, Social Networks

Echofon announced today they are working on a Windows-only Twitter client, Echofon for Windows. Echofon started out initially with a Firefox addon which was available on all platforms, thank to the browser Mozilla Firefox.

Twitter doesn’t have any official client for Windows, like Twitter for Mac – but Echofon seems to bring that to the Windows platform with more features. Echofon users on Windows had to go through the Firefox extension to tweet, but that won’t be the case anymore, thanks to Echofon for Windows.

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Windows 8 Tweaker: Unlock Hidden Features in Windows 8

Windows 8 (build 7850) Milestone 1 is basically Windows 7 with some new additions and features that Microsoft has been working under the hood. But they are kinda locked up, and not visible in any menu. They can be only dug up deep in Windows 8 files and registry.

Windows 8 Tweaker is a free utility that allows users to unlock hidden features/programs in Windows 8 (build 7850). Hidden Windows 8 features like enabling modern task manager, enable webcam app, Windows 8 PDF reader, Windows 8 Ribbon UI etc.

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Norton Internet Security 2012 Beta Free Download

by on April 19, 2011
in Freewares

Symantec has recently released the beta release of its popular Internet security software called Norton Internet Security 2012 and is available for free beta download with free product activation key.

Norton Internet Security 2012 is best at what it does. It provides the most powerful protection against all type of computer virus and online protection. You can download Norton Internet Security 2012 free beta from below.

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A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger 2011

by on April 14, 2011
in Freewares

A-Patch is a well-known freeware that allows you to tweak and modify functions of your Windows Live Messenger 2o11. This free utility offers over 80 tweaks for WLM 2011, i.e remove advertisements, unlimited nudges, remove unwanted buttons etc.

The latest version of A-Patch (MSN 2011) works with the all versions of Windows Live Messenger 2011.

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Nokia Ovi Suite 3.1 Beta, Now Available for Download

by on March 26, 2011
in Freewares, Softwares

Nokia has released a new beta version of their desktop software for Nokia devices – Nokia Ovi Suite 3.1 Beta.

They would like to get your feedback about where they’ve succeeded and where there still is room to improve.

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Android PC Manager: QtADB

by on March 24, 2011
in Android, Freewares

We have covered a list of number of Android PC suit/software before, but I found this recently to use it with my Nexus S.

QtADB is a PC software for Android devices, based on ‘adb’. It requires a working  Android SDK installed on your computer with Android USB drivers installed (command “adb devices” listing your device should work), Qt libs version 4.7, root (not really necessary) and Busybox installed on phone.

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View CD-Key of Windows, Microsoft Office and SQL Server with ProduKey

ProduKey is a small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007), Windows (Including Windows 7 and Windows Vista), Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer.

Usually when looking for this information we have to individually dig into these software and look for the info, but thanks to ProduKey, it has become very easy now.

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Alternative Onscreen Keyboard for Windows

by on March 18, 2011
in Freewares

Free Virtual Keyboard is a free, lightweight, multilingual and finger friendly virtual on-screen keyboard.

It works on any Windows based UMPC with a passive touchscreen (Ultra-mobile PC, Tablet PC and Panel PC). If you spend a lot of time responding to e-mail or jotting down notes on your mobile computer and find your hardware keyboard awkward or too small, a screen software keyboard may be just the improvement you’ve been seeking.

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View Cookies of Google Chrome with ChromeCookiesView

by on March 18, 2011
in Freewares

Google Chrome has an internal cookies viewer that displays all your Chrome web browser cookies, but if you’re loking for an alternative method, here is a freeware for that.

ChromeCookiesView is an alternative to the standard internal cookies viewer of Google Chrome Web browser. It displays the list of all cookies stored by Google Chrome Web browser, and allows you to easily delete unwanted cookies.

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