Facebook for Android v1.5: Facebook Chat, Push Notifications

by on December 15, 2010
in Android, Facebook, Mobile Apps

Facebook rolled out a new, updated version of Facebook for Android v1.5 which now brings Facebook Chat support and push notifications to your Android device.

If you had taken a look in the Comments section for Facebook for Android in the Android Market, Chat was the most requested feature for the Android app to come on par with the iPhone version.

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Get Old Facebook Profile Page Back

Last night, Mark introduced the all new Facebook Profile Page layout. This new Profile Page brings several changes by arranging the important elements and your profile information is now more prominent instead of wall posts.

I actually like the new Facebook Profile Page, however, many people seem not to like it and want the old profile page back.

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How to Get the New Facebook Profile Page

Facebook introduced a new Profile Page last night at a special event. This new Profile Page revamp brings more focus ‘in your face’. Your basic information and profile is now the priority instead of your wall posts.

They have also rearranged several elements that were not used by much by the users. Your tagged photos have been brought on the top.

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How to Hide Friends List in Facebook

Facebook privacy issues has always been a concern for most of the Facebook users. Spammers, fake profiles and stalkers on Facebook is a norm. Today while playing with the new privacy features of Facebook, I came across the option to completely hide my friends list.

Earlier it was very difficult to hide your friends list from some or all of your Facebook friends and public, but now it’s possible.

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Facebook Social Messaging Invitations: Request One Now

by on November 16, 2010
in Facebook, Social Networks, Tips and Tricks

Facebook launched Social Messaging today in a special Facebook Mail event where they announced how they could merge emails, conversations, text messages and friends – all at one place which will be known as Facebook Social Messaging.

Even though Facebook said it is not like Google Wave, I still think Facebook Social Messaging is a combination of Google Wave, Gmail Priority Inbox and Facebook friends.

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Facebook Mail Announcement. Watch it Live Online

Facebook event is about to start i na couple of minutes where they are rumoured to unveil a new alternative to Gmail, something by the name of Facebook Mail – or will probably roll out some improvements to the existing Messages feature on Facebook.

You can watch the Facebook event live on Facebook Live. The page is live right now and already has over 10K viewers.

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How to Disable Notification Emails from Facebook Groups

Facebook relaunched Facebook Groups yesterday at a special event at Facebook HQ, and not just this, some other new features were also launched i.e Download Your Information, new App Dashboard etc.

It seemed to be a very nice feature, but it turned out to be an actual mess at the notifications end. Facebook Groups need some fine tuning of how and to whom notifications will be sent from the start.

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How to Download Your Information from Facebook

Facebook has rolled out a new feature today that would allow you to download your information on Facebook and export your data to wherever you want.

This was one feature that was always missing from Facebook. And there was no proper service either to backup your Facebook account (SocialSafe did pop up a while ago).

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“Download Your Information” on Facebook

by on October 7, 2010
in Facebook, Social Networks

Facebook has just announced a new feature for Facebook users, that is “Download Your Information”. You will now be able to download your entire Facebook profile and information from your account.

In other words, it will allow you to save a backup of your Facebook account on your computer and export your Facebook information in a .zip file.

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