Windows 7 Coming in 2009

It seems like Microsoft is buffing up its latest and shiniest software piece, Windows 7, for a release earlier than people expected. Originally in 2007, after Windows Vista released, Microsoft said that another version of Windows should be expected after 3 years somewhere in 2010.

But a recent news was brought into the spotlight by CNET, in a Windows Vista Velocity program presentation, that it was confirmed by Doug Howe, Microsoft’s Director, that Microsoft is pressing for Windows 7 release in holiday season of 2009.

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Windows 7 Tranformation Pack 2009

Last week at PDC, Windows 7 was revealed to the tech world by Microsoft. I was eager to know more and more about the new features and its awesome looks.

At that moment it clicked in my mind to test the geeks that whether they succeeded in making a transformation pack for Windows 7 or not. I was amazed to know that it already exists with the latest Windows 7 theme, start menu, wallpapers etc.

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360desktop: Your Desktop 360 Degrees Wide

wide_imageIf you are a person who likes to put everything on desktop for easy access and visibility and always struggling in choosing which files/icons to keep and which to throw in recycle bin, well, you just got lucky today because I have just the right tool for you. This is new revolutionary software which I came across let you scroll your desktop in 360 degrees and allows you to have virtually unlimited space.

You can place icons and files on any part of wide circular desktop and access them quickly. Another Cool feature is that you can have a wide wallpaper or can have multiple wallpapers on your wide desktop.

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Windows Media Player 12 Screenshots

by on November 1, 2008
in Computers, Microsoft, Softwares, Windows

Many applications that were previously bundled with the Windows OS itself, will now be available for download separately and won’t ship with Windows 7. It was a surprise to know that Windows Media Player isn’t changed to Windows Live Media Player.

Windows Media Player 12 will have some really interesting new features. The experience is somewhat similar to WMP11, but you will notice that the UI is much brighter and lighter than the previous version. Some buttons and toolbar items have also been moved around.

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Windows 7 Introduced, And Screenshots

by on October 29, 2008
in Computers, Microsoft, Windows

Today, at Day 2 of Professional Developers Conference 2008, Microsoft has officially unveiled its next OS, that we all have been waiting for, Windows 7!

Yesterday, they focused on unveiling their cloud OS called, Windows Azure. But today, they introduced Windows 7 along with its few features and UI screenshots that I have posted below.

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Windows Azure: Microsoft Cloud OS

by on October 28, 2008
in Computers, Internet, Microsoft, Web 2.0, Windows

Microsoft, today at Professional Developers Conference 2008 announced a new cloud operating system, called Windows Azure. It is an OS that runs entirely from Microsoft’s own infrastructure.

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect, dubbed this OS as Windows Azure (formerly known as Windows Cloud) at PDC yesterday. It looks like a mashup of Amazon EC2 type hosted services, Microsoft Online Services and other developer tools, including similar services that run on Windows Live.

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Portable CD/DVD Burning with InfraRecorder has always helped me carry my digital life where I want in the form of a tiny USB drive or now I also use my 16GB Nokia N96 for this purpose.

Yesterday, while going through the site, I found an interesting open-source application that has been made portable and lets users burn CD/DVDs on the go where ever they want.

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Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 Screenshots

by on September 21, 2008
in Computers, Microsoft, Windows

Windows 7 logoMicrosoft recently released Milestone 3 (build 6780) of their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to a few selected partners and manufacturers. They still haven’t revealed the final name for the OS.

This time the screenshots went up online first at ThinkNext revealing the new features and revamped design of Windows 7 applications.

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Toaster PC For Your Kitchen

Here’s an interesting computer that you can easily fit in your dining room or in your kitchen. And it even matches the environment well. Why? Because this PC has been stuffed inside a toaster!

These toaster computers won’t be able to toast bread for you, but at least they will provide you with the necessary entertainment you want. You can play games, run your favourite programs. This toaster computer consists of:

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