10 Ways to increase traffic

by on August 18, 2007
in Blogging

This post has been guest blogged by Shaun Low from Shaunlow.com, a blog about blogging!

Blogging is all about communication. If you are a shy person in the internet world then blogging might not be your cup of tea. You have to be able to communicate a valuable point to your readers, read other blogs and participate in online discussions. If you expect any form of traffic to your site your going to have to do a bit of blog promotion. Here are some important tips that will help drive some traffic to your site!

1. Create quality and meaningful content

Everyone always says backlinks are queen but quality content is king. You should provide useful information which will cause your readers to return to your blog. No matter what niche you cover you will have something to say but make sure you present your information well to your readers.

2. Visit other blogs in the same niche

Reading other blogs in your niche will not only give you extra knowledge and experience, but you should comment on articles that interest you. If you say something interesting in the comments section on other blogs your readers might want to check out your blog to see what else you have to offer. Also signing up with MyBlogLog and visiting other blogs will leave your picture left in the MyBlogLog space that is on the blog you are visiting. This will bring in a few extra visitors.

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