MyTweetSpace: Twitter Background Generator

by on January 14, 2009
in Internet, Web 2.0

mytweetspace-logoAll the twittering twitters out there must be wondering how can they customize background of their twitter profile and apply their very own theme.

I’m sure you all must have seen profiles with a nice, custom background with their name, blog URL and contact details. Now you can also have them without using any designing application like Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp.

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22 Free Action Games for Windows

by on December 26, 2008
in Gaming, Windows

pc-gamesAs a game lover and enthusiast I’m always looking for newer games over internet. I often play less trendy and casual games and I thought I should share few of the free action games which I found over internet. These are basic games yet are fun and addictive, and you can spend hours and hours on these games.

You must be aware of some of these games such as Super Mario and some are new concepts based on real time FPS and strategy games. Well, lets not waste more time and dive into these games by downloading them. Have fun playing!

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Send Free Voice Emails with TalkMail

I came across this free voice email client from DSSF while surfing. This simple, yet useful software allows you to record and send 100 any-length high fidelity voice email to any email address in the world for free.

TalkMail voice emails can be played back on any personal computer, PDAs, MP3 Players, cell phones etc. plus you can also reply back quickly for free.

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RefSeek: Search Engine for Students and Researchers

by on November 18, 2008
in Internet

For all students, scientists and researchers who are looking for academic information from different sources such as documents, web pages, encyclopedias, journals and newspapers, there is a new search engine I found today.

It is called RefSeek. Refseek can be compared to Google Scholar in some ways but it has more to offer. Not only it indexes one billion reference documents but it also indexes more than scientific and educational sites.

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Moka – Free Translation for Cell Phones

Moka is your personal translator, enabling you to easily translate words and phrases back to your phone in the language of your choice ( English, Spanish and Chinese).Type in what you want to say in English and receive the translated text in Spanish.
You can also reverse the direction of translation with a simple command. You can send translated messages into Spanish and Chinese to your friends and receive the translated messages back in English.

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Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Mobile

Microsoft just announced about the heavily rumored next-generation mobile web browser, Internet Explorer 6, for Windows Mobile. We have been hearing a lot about this upcoming release and people are eager to see what features and improvements this version of mobile browser contains as compared to the previous version.

Although this is an early release and only available in emulator mode, means this can be used on a windows desktop and can be used to emulate how the real browser will work on a mobile device.

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Panoramio: Organize Photos by Geo-Tagging

Are you fond of visiting places and have passion of capturing moments in photographs? If yes, then this site is just for you!

Panoramio service by Google allows you to organize your photos by tagging them. Its most powerful feature is geo-tagging or location marking. When you upload your photo after entering the title and selecting the respective tags you can additionally specify location of the photo taken on Google Maps.

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Windows 7 Coming in 2009

It seems like Microsoft is buffing up its latest and shiniest software piece, Windows 7, for a release earlier than people expected. Originally in 2007, after Windows Vista released, Microsoft said that another version of Windows should be expected after 3 years somewhere in 2010.

But a recent news was brought into the spotlight by CNET, in a Windows Vista Velocity program presentation, that it was confirmed by Doug Howe, Microsoft’s Director, that Microsoft is pressing for Windows 7 release in holiday season of 2009.

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360desktop: Your Desktop 360 Degrees Wide

wide_imageIf you are a person who likes to put everything on desktop for easy access and visibility and always struggling in choosing which files/icons to keep and which to throw in recycle bin, well, you just got lucky today because I have just the right tool for you. This is new revolutionary software which I came across let you scroll your desktop in 360 degrees and allows you to have virtually unlimited space.

You can place icons and files on any part of wide circular desktop and access them quickly. Another Cool feature is that you can have a wide wallpaper or can have multiple wallpapers on your wide desktop.

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