Speak, Search with Google Mobile App for iPhone

iphone-googleAre you interested in making a quick search with your iPhone? Try the latest Google Mobile App!

Just hold the phone with your ear and wait for the beep. Say what you are looking for and there you find the formatted search on your iPhone.

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5 Best VoIP Apps for your Mobile Phone

With rapid increase in the trend of making VoIP calls from mobile phones, the competition among some popular apps is continuing to get tense everyday.

Other then fiercely struggling to compete with each other by offering latest features and packages, increasing their availability on various phones, the VoIP companies are undoubtedly providing people with reduced cost for international calls.

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Fake Calls on iPhone

As my title tells, I will be introducing you to a new iPhone app called as Fake Calls. I’m sure you are thinking of places where you can use it. I would rather use it when I just had a fight with my best friend and I want to get out of the situation and spend some time alone.

So coming to the details, Fake Calls is a neat iPhone app that provides you an excuse to get away and enjoy some privacy by avoiding people you don’t want to interact. The app works in a simple way.

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Google Reader Featuring Automatic Translation

by on November 11, 2008
in Google, Internet

I have been using Google Reader since last 4 years and my experience with it has been awesome. All I need to do is open my Google Reader and get related news to all subscribed items of my interest such as (mobile apps, web apps, mobile devices and more) whenever, where ever I want.

Have you ever wondered how rapidly blogs are cropping up every next second in various languages such as Italian, Spanish, French and German providing you with localized news related to these countries? I’m sure you don’t want to miss the great news that they offer?

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Latest Blackberry Applications Worth Buying

by on November 11, 2008
in Gadgets

RIM (Research in Motion), the manufacturer of Blackberry devices has so far able to gain third position in the overall race between the worldwide mobile OS market share.

With Nokia and Apple dominating the market by taking first and second position in Q3 2008, Blackberry has managed to take the third place with 15.2 share of the market.

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Webopedia: Text Messaging Abbreviations Guide

I’m sure you must have heard of Wikipedia, but have you ever heard of Webopedia? Well I had never done so, but once I got to know about it, I was quite keen on sharing it with you all.

Webopedia is an online guide for text messaging abbreviations. With the increasing trend of text messaging, chatting, online gaming etc. Webopedia seems to be an interesting resource to catch up with all the abbreviations used.

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Voice Dial – Call People on the Go!

Application only becomes popular once it fulfills the desired need people are looking for. With thousands of apps in the iPhone store, Voice Dial is yet another innovative app that uses the speech recognition technology and allows the user to dial the number without looking at the screen.

I know you must be wondering about the instances when this app can be used. May be when you are driving or at times when you suddenly need to call your friend to confirm a new recipe you’re trying.

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Free International Calls and VoIP with Vopium.com

You must have heard about Vopium, the new provider of international mobile calling via GSM and VoIP. Other than claiming to provide the cheapest call on mobile, they now present Vopium.com with an improved user interface.

Apart from the new design, Vopium also provides its users with a good incentive of 30 free minutes call and 100 SMS. So the next time you think of calling your friends and giving them a surprise, try Vopium!

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