Zoundry Raven – Portable Blogging Client

by on November 19, 2009
in Blogging, Freewares

raven-logoIf you are searching for a portable blogging solution to let you update your blog on the move, so here is the most advanced app I have found for you.

Though you might have tried ScribeFire and w.blogger for the same purpose. I bet you won’t be disappointed with Zoundry Raven.

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Image Search Made Easy With Ginipic

ginipic_logoSearching images on the Internet is very easy and the first place that comes to our mind to look for images is our favourite Google Images. But being a photography lover, I believe some eye candy should always be there in the images.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t serve you the best eye-candy images – even with their support for searching the depths of photo-sharing websites like Flickr. I’d recommend you try this nice app for searching images.

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Set Google AdSense Custom Fonts

by on February 23, 2009
in Google

Google adverts are already popular for their trend setting strategies once announced by Google are followed by other similar and competing advert networks online. But still, Google wins the race to provide relevant ads for your website.

Google in effort to maximize the user friendly behavior of their adverts has allowed to set custom fonts for ad units.

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Raven, First Online Vector Editor

by on February 13, 2009
in Internet, Web 2.0

raven-vector-editorOnline tools are getting more powerful day by day, and letting people to do simple tasks along with some hectic ones by offering easy to use  along with user friendly interface. Here I have found another such a nice online editor for vectors.

Raven, is the first online web-based vector editor available for everyone. You can allowed to experiment as much as you can. If you are a pro designer you will not disappointed by the results.

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Complete List of Twitter Acronyms

twitter-logo-birdieTwitter being the most active social network has opened and started many new trends. Although Twitter itself allows 140 character limit for the updating your status.

You might have observed some acronyms, short forms on Twitter to make use of these 140 characters as much as they can.

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How to Uninstall IE8 Beta in Windows XP

internet-explorer-8Microsoft’s new OS Windows 7 is packed with Internet Explorer 8 beta, which the blogosphere reviewed it, criticized it and tagged it as another crap from Microsoft. Many people liked new added features with its Windows XP compatible versions and updated their existing IE to IE8.

But now if you want to uninstall IE8 Beta and want to roll back to your previous version then simply follow these steps:

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Review: Internet Explorer 8 Features

by on January 13, 2009
in Microsoft, Softwares, Windows

internet-explorer-8-ie8Windows 7 Beta has been unleashed and people has started reporting its nice and easy to use features. This beta version got some revamped beta applications as well including Internet Explorer 8.

It has been revamped fully to withstand with other competitive browsers, especially Firefox. Lets have a look over some of the nice features to look forward in final IE 8 release.

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Image Mosaic Generator

I am fond of image editing and keep on searching for the image tools to serve as my eye candy and this time my search worth it again.

I have found an awesome tool to generate a mosaic effect for any given image easily. Hats off to the original creator.

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Google Archiving Legendary Life Photo Collection

by on December 11, 2008
in Google

Google with its popular venture Image Search has taken another remarkable step following there mission for organizing whole of world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.

Google Image Search, will now be archieving the legendary collection of 10 million photos, which were dusting uselessly in form of negatives, slides, glass plates, etchings, and prints.

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