6 Simple Steps To Configure Privacy on Google+

by on July 26, 2011
in Google, Tips and Tricks

A Guide to Taming Privacy Concerns Around Google+ – ZoneAlarm Blog has put together an interesting 6-step guide for new people joining Google+ and how they can protect their privacy on a social network that claims to have way more privacy controls than Facebook, yet you can’t have private profiles.

Google+ now has 20 million users worldwide in just 2-3 weeks after it’s launch in their invite-only field test. And as it grows, the concern for privacy and keeping yourself protected from cyber-criminals also increase.

Check out the various steps below to ensure your privacy is safe on Google+.

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  • google plus seems amazing
    but now it needs invitation
    and i didn’t receive any invitations yet

  • Ali

    Google Plus Profiles are appearing in Search Results.

    what privacy????

  • Google Plus has much secure privacy setting than Facebook

  • Nice picture! Privacy is a serious business for every social network. And Google+ seems to have some nice privacy settings

  • Anonymous

    google+ privacy is so important and through this article i hav found solution of the privcy problam of my google+ profile.