Check Google+ Notifications from Google Chrome

Another Google+ tip. Chrome extension, to be precise. You can now add a small notification checker extension in Google Chrome which displays your new notifications number and will take you to Google+.

Not just this. This extension now also supports desktop notifications and sound. Google+ Notification Checker is a very simple Chrome extension that displays the number of unread notifications in Google+.

Download Google+ Notification Checker

You can download this Chrome extension from here: Download Google+ Notification Checker

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  • Ali

    Google Plus is not very great for Businesses while Facebook is. 

  • Anonymous

    Ali i am agree with your information.
    Thanks for post..

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  • Anonymous

    google is very nice site.

  • This is really cool…. I was wondering if there are some other extensions similar to this!

  • I will be using Google + plus if they invite me.