Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts

We have already shared tons of Google+ tips and tricks. Well, here is another one. Google+ also has keyboard shortcuts like Gmail and other Google services.

I have compiled a list of all the Google+ keyboard shortcuts I found. There might be more, which I’ll add as soon as I find them. See the Google+ keyboard shortcuts after the jump!

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts

  • j: In the stream, move down.
  • k: Move up.
  • @ or +: mention someone in a post
  • q: Add people to Google Talk list.
  • Tab: To scroll through comments on a post.
  • Enter: When reading a post, hit ‘Enter’ to open the comment box.
  • Tab+Enter: Post comment!

These are the keyboard shortcuts for Google+ I know of. If you know more, drop a comment below.

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