Turn Google+ into Facebook with Google Plus Theme

Google+ launched a few days back, and since then everyone has been comparing the new social network with Facebook. Well, of course, now there are some Google+ fans, and some still like Facebook and might don’t want to move away from there.

But for those, who love both ,and would love to see Facebook-ish interface on Google+ (Plus), we’ll here is an amazing theme for you to enjoy for Google+. Screenshot above.

Turn Google+ into Facebook with Google Plus Theme

Thanks to CSS, the designer Fabio Giolito has designed the first Google+ theme – which makes Google+ looks a lot like Facebook. It is a userscript addon that you will need to add to your browser though another extensions that enables you to run userscripts i.e Greasemonkey of Firefox.

How to Install Userscripts

The following articles may help you if you need to know how to run userscripts in your browser.

Via Mashable.

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