HOW TO: Google+ Fixed Google Bar While Scrolling

Google introduced the new dark Google navigation bar at the top of all the Google services, and it turns into your quick update and access to notifications for Google+ after signing up for it.

When you scroll down to look for more updates in Google+, sometimes you go so down and when you have to scroll up just to access the Google bar, it gets annoying. You can now fix the Google navigation bar at the top of the screen as you scroll down as much as you want.

There is a simple trick to fix the new Google+ bar at the top of the screen. Download Google CSS tricks extension for Google Chrome and install that. Now when you visit Google+ and scroll down, the Google+ bar will stay fixed at the top of your screen.

This Chrome extension makes some changes to the main website as well for better usability. You can see this extension live in action in the screenshot above!

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