Get Google+ App Shortcut in Chrome to Access Quickly

Google+ is the next big thing trying to take over the social network game on the Internet. Google+ revolves around circles (friend lists), hangouts (groups) and sparks (interesting stuff). A very neat and clean interface. I’m already in love with it.

We’ve been sharing various Google+ tips and tricks since morning, and here is another one. You can get a big Chrome app shortcut link for Google+ to quickly access it from Google Chrome.

Get Google+ App Shortcut in Chrome

I myself use the Chrome apps area to quickly access my favourite websites. You can do the same with Google+ as well. It is certainly faster than typing the complete URL ( in the address box.

Download and install Google Plus shortcut app for Google Chrome. It quickly takes you to Google+ without having to type the URL in the URL box. You can see it in action in the screenshot above.

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