How to Add Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Flickr, Hotmail Accounts to Google Profile

The launch of Google+ has brought updates and changes to many of other Google services as well. Google Profiles in one such service. Google Profiles already got a facelift a few weeks back, but that was all part of the bigger picture – the Google+ project.

You can now add to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Flickr, Hotmail with Google Profile. How to do that? Continue reading after the jump.

How to Add Other Social Accounts to Google Profile

Well, it’s pretty easy with the new interface for Google Profiles. Follow the steps below to add your other social network accounts to Google Profile.

1. On the new Google bar, click on your name.

2. From the drop-down menu, go to “Account settings”.

3. Now from the left side menu, go to “Connected accounts”.

4. Click on “Connect an account” to add more accounts to your Google Profile.

What are the advantages of connecting more social networks?

We use Google to search each and everything. Thanks to the feature of connecting more of your accounts with Google Profile, there are several advantages you need to know. Read below:

  • When you search, you can see relevant content your friends share on the web.
  • You make it easier for them to find the stuff you share on the web.
  • You can choose which accounts to show on your public Google Profile.
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  • Anonymous

    What about connect Twitter with Google+ and see tweets in Google+? Is it possible?

  • No, that is not possible yet on Google+.