How to Send Google+ Invites

by on June 30, 2011
in Google

Google+ invites by email are currently not available to everyone except those who work at Google, but there is a small tip that could still make it possible for you to send invitations to your friends, family, co-workers etc.

Thanks to Badar Khushnood for sharing the tip, we can still invite everyone to join Google+. Read after the jump to know how to still send invitations even when not available by email.

This is what he shared on Google+:

TIP: work around if u don’t have Google+ invites yet: add all u want to invite with their emails in a circle and then share a status update or story with them and confirm that u want to send email updates to them…

Yes, this works! All you have to do is add people with email address to your Circles in Google+, and then share something with that Circle. Invitations will be sent to those people to join Google+. You can also request an invitation here!

Also: Download Google+ Android App APK, Directly for Users Outside US

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