Google+ Invitations Giveaway

by on June 30, 2011
in Google

Google yesterday announced Google+, their another attempt to take on the social networking world which is an invite-based stage currently and the Google+ project is not open to all.

I have got my hands on an invitations today morning and now would love to share it will all my readers who still haven’t got one.

Google+ looks quite similar to Facebook, but these were just the first step of features that Google plans to roll out for Google+. Google+ revolves around circles (friend lists), hangouts (groups) and sparks (interesting stuff). A very neat and clean interface. I’m already in love with it.

Want to try it out? Looking for an invitation? Just drop a comment below with your email, and I’ll send you an invitation ASAP.

Also: Download Google+ Android App APK, Directly for Users Outside US

UPDATE: Comments with email addresses are in moderation. They will get approved once the invitation has been sent out!

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