Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4: Display Screen

by on June 19, 2011
in Android, Gadgets, iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4 – two of the best smartphones in their own category. You can’t really compare both of these smartphones as they run on completely different OS, but when it comes to hardware, then yes, both of these devices are comparable.

I have played with both of them and when it comes to display screens, the difference is very much visible. I previously posted a similar photo of the display screens difference between the original Samsung Galaxy S vs iPhone 4.

Check out the photos below and click them to enlarge.

Samsung Galaxy S II sports a large 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, while on the other side, iPhone 4 has a Retina display (Super LCD). Last year, after the launch of the original Galaxy S (review), it was difficult to find out which display stands out better, but with the Samsung Galaxy S II now in the race, the winner is pretty much clear.

Have you tried both of these devices together? Which one do you think has a better display? Samsung Galaxy S II or iPhone 4?

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  • It is unfair to compare both phone with different wallpapers. Wallpaper on both phone should be same. 

  • stranger

    galaxy s 2 is the best…

  • Jay

    What’s the resolution and ppi of both phones?  If you compare any phone at arm-length distance, the larger one will always look better.  However, the QUALITY screen shines the closer you get. 

  • Anonymous

    The  resolution to the Galaxy, S II is smaller. It ‘s only 800 × 480 pixels. While the iPhone  resolution is 960 × 640 pixels. 

  • Galaxy S II is far better than iPhone 4.

  • i am looking for 3d rendering comparison of these models.

  • definitely samsung galaxy S2…. is better

  • Anonymous

    i just love androids